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Human Resources Solutions

Managing the employee lifecycle – from recruiting to retirement – is difficult.  No, really, it’s complex and regulation-filled and full of penalties if you make a mistake. That’s why our team of human resources experts with years of experience, degrees and certifications are trusted by our Kansas City-area clients for advice and HR solutions to help steer their businesses.

Our Approach to Human Resources


You will be assigned a human resource consultant who will get to know you your business and your business’s needs. As such, he or she will stay on top of changes in both the regulatory environment and your business and guide you with best practices to succeed.  And, your HRC will always be just a phone-call away should there be an immediate need.


It seems everything is going to the cloud these days.  And so are we – where it makes the most sense.  From automated job ad posting to applicant tracking to open enrollment your employees will experience your business as a technology-forward company.


Beyond the day-to-day interactions with our human resources consultants, we host workshops for our clients on HR topics that are timely and most pressing.  A few recent workshops focused on harassment, marijuana in the workplace, and management training.  Additionally, our blog and white papers provide ready access to answers you can easily share with your team.

HR Expertise You Can Use Now

Bad Hires are Costly 16 Interview Tips you can't afford to forget
White Paper
16 Tips for Interviewers

Hiring mistakes can be expensive. Before your next candidate interview, make sure you know these 16 tips for interviewers.

overtime rule overtime 2020 man counting money
White Paper
Understanding the New Overtime Rule: A Guide to Paying Overtime in 2020

When the new DOL overtime rule took effect January 1, an additional 1.3 million U.S. workers became newly eligible for overtime pay. Download our free white paper to find out everything employers need to know about the new overtime rule.

Axcet HR Checklist blue computer key with people
White Paper
Your 2020 HR Checklist

The 2020 version of our annual HR compliance checklist just became available. This is one of our most popular free resources for employers, detailing six annual HR updates critical to the success of your small to medium-sized business.

Eight Things Employers Need to Know in the Era of Legal Marijuana - Axcet HR Solutions-1
White Paper
8 things employers need to know in the era of legal marijuana

Medical marijuana dispensary licenses are currently being issued in Missouri and it’s expected Missouri patients will be able to walk into licensed dispensaries as soon as this spring. Download our free report to find out eight things employers need to know.

Toxic Employees: How One Bad Apple Ruins the Bunch

We’ve all heard the idiom, “One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.” But what about one rotten, or toxic, employee? Can their influence on their coworkers create a domino effect and ruin your company culture? Relationships among coworkers are important, and the way they ...

The Dos and Don’ts of Workplace Dress Codes

A business dress code detailed in your employee handbook provides guidelines to help your employees understand what you expect them to wear to work. After all, your employees are representatives of your business and a dress code not only ensures the right message is sent to clients, but provides for a cohesive look at your workplace, prevents uncomfortable ...

Human Resource Services

You have HR questions.  We have HR services.

HR blue and yellow person

Employee Relations

Employee discipline and termination guidance

Performance management processes

Employee relations issues and concerns

Employee grievances and complaints

Harassment allegation investigations

Recruitment & Retention

Access to our state-of-the-art applicant tracking system

Recruiting, hiring, and retention strategy development

Compliant job descriptions

Customized offer letters

Interviewing questions and training

Onboarding process development

Background check and drug screening resources

open enrollment paper and pen

Strategic Planning

Workforce planning

Compensation analysis

Employee surveys

Succession planning

Change management strategies

Mission, Vision and Values creation

Organizational structure review and design

Training & Development

Customized leadership training solutions

Leadership development and coaching

Compliance training, such as Creating a respectful workplace and preventing harassment

Interpersonal skills training

policies paper drawer

HR Compliance

Policy development

Handbook development and updates

EEOC response assistance

EEO-1 reporting

FMLA administration (>50)

ADAA, FMLA, EEOC, and Title VII compliance

Legally required state and federal postings

Unemployment Claims

Review benefit charges from state unemployment agencies

Assist in the processing of all unemployment claims

File timely appeals

Assist in prehearing preparation for appeals hearings

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Our team of SHRM-certified human resources consultants and access to employment law attorneys provide your business with unparalleled HR expertise. The answers you need are a just phone call away. Find out more today.

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