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Community Involvement

We’re vested in our community’s success.

Your Business is Personal to Us

Community matters. Because when one company succeeds, we all benefit. At Axcet, we care as much about Kansas City as you do. It’s our home. A big small town. Business owners in the greater metropolitan area are our friends and neighbors. We’re all interconnected. So your success is personal. That’s why we support initiatives that strengthen area business and charitable organizations and improve the city where we all live and work.

Choosing a Local v. National PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

It’s time to decide which one is right for your small business – a national or a local PEO. Lately, there’s been a lot of talk about the benefits of partnering with a local PEO like Axcet HR Solutions – so much so, that some national providers have started marketing their satellite sales offices as local … but is that really local? When you partner with one of these national PEOs, and an HR emergency comes up at your small business, you’ll still be forced to call a toll-free customer service number and wait on hold in hopes the national customer service representative can help you. That just doesn’t feel local, does it? A local PEO isn’t managed by a big, corporate entity headquartered in a different state or country, but by people who share their hometown with you and your employees.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors


Like nonprofits everywhere, volunteer organizations in Kansas City meet needs that otherwise might go unnoticed. They’re a critical element of a strong, healthy community. Because our hearts and homes are here, Axcet employees regularly dedicate time, talent, and donations to Kansas City-area nonprofits that help feed the hungry, nurture the young, and save animals. We partner with organizations that match our values and encourage everyone on our staff to use paid time off for volunteer work. Our employees support organizations like Harvesters, Kids TLC, and KC Pet Project, and our community grows stronger with every hour volunteered.

Axcet HR learning class


Knowledge is the key that unlocks opportunity, so we’re proud that we can contribute to the education of Kansas City-area students and entrepreneurs. Sharing our expertise through teaching opportunities bolsters the community we all call home and helps prepare future business owners for success. Through efforts that include workshops on topics relevant to companies’ operations, such as medical marijuana and preparing for an active shooter in the workplace, as well as presentations at local schools, Axcet works to be a trusted resource for information the community needs. We want to help arm the community with learnings that help businesses grow and entrepreneurs thrive.


Events build community, so we look for opportunities to support efforts that bring people together. Golf tournaments are a great way to meet our neighbors and benefit meaningful causes, so we regularly sponsor Chambers of Commerce tourneys and more targeted events like the National Association of Women in Construction Scholarship Golf Tournament. Sponsoring Kansas City metro-area Chambers of Commerce events that provide networking opportunities and resources for small businesses are another way we help fortify the future for Kansas City companies.

Axcet HR golf

"I know you all have been keeping up with the legal and system changes, educating your teams (including me!), and helping our clients in various ways through this chaotic time. I can’t imagine how difficult it would’ve been for us to keep up with all the COVID-19 payroll changes and provisions without Axcet."

Theresa C. 

Kansas City, Missouri

"I want to thank you again for so quickly compiling and sending us the payroll reports we needed in order to submit our PPP loan application. We were able to submit our application with the supporting payroll reports as soon as the SBA loan website opened, and our PPP loan has been approved. Your help in this process is very much appreciated!"

Mary H.

Overland Park, Kansas
Gerald Jerry Diddle President and Founder Axcet HR Solutions

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